Birth photography

Why chose a birth reportage?

Congratulations, you are having a baby! Or perhaps more than one.. A wonderful period has begun. The upcoming nine months you will be preparing yourself for the baby’s arrival. This will be a memorable day and as usual with important events like these, you want to document it forever. But who is going to take these birth pictures during this intimate and special event?

A delivery is a moment which belongs to you and your family and which you will have to go through very aware. After the birth a lot of things will change for you and your partner. All the emotions, tension and effort during labour will make time fly. The partner is often the one who gets the task of photographing the birth. But do you think you are able to do so during such a moment?

Photographing the birth by yourself is always an option of course, but believe me, you will be busy with a lot of different things than taking pictures of two strong hands gathering power or the washcloth that is carefully placed upon your partners head. This can result in pictures of the nurse’s back or of the ceiling in the delivery room… And what if you did not document the moments that your partner had wished for?

Birth photography: pure and honourable photo moments

Book my birth reportage if you do want these moments to be captured. Because this is the exact reason why I will be present: to document the details that would otherwise be forgotten.

During the birth reportage I photograph the birth and everything that is happening around it in a pure and integer way. You will both be seen on the pictures, just like everything around you. This involves more than just taking pretty pictures, it is about capturing the feeling of that specific moment. I will make sure this will all be brought back to you when looking at the pictures. In short: I will make sure your birth story adds up.

Method Marieke Jager Photography

I would like to tell you more about my method, so you know what to expect. Since a delivery cannot be predicted, a little certainty about birth photography can be pleasant. That makes at least one thing you will no longer have to worry about.

Before the birth

For me it is important that there is a good connection between you and me and that you have confidence in me as a birth photographer. For this reason, I always pay a (noncommittal) visit to get acquainted. Take your time to make a decision, because it can be a big deal to let a photographer join in during such an intimate occasion.

If you decide to choose me as your photographer (Yaay!), we will have frequent contact during the rest of your pregnancy. I will be available through phone 24/7 from the moment you enter your 37th week. From the moment the contractions have started, we will keep in contact through phone about the progression. When you have reached a dilation of 5/6 cm, I will join you to document the whole birth.

What if?
Sometimes things work out differently than expected and therefore a birth is not a fixed scenario. These unplanned situations will also be discussed during the first acquaintance visit.

During the birth

Birth photography can take place at home as well as in the hospital. Do you start at home but do you need to go to the hospital anyway? Then I will just join you. From the moment I enter the room I will start photographing and I won’t stop doing this until a few minutes after birth. During this whole time I will of course not disturb anyone or anything and I will remain fully in the background.

During the ‘moment suprême’ I will mainly focus on you and your baby (or babies). The loving glances, the emotions, the very first touches, the first cry; I capture it all. This enables you to look back on this moment with pride.

After the birth

After the birth I will stay to photograph the measuring and weighing of the baby and to capture the first kisses. And last but not least I will make the first family picture! Within 3 days you will receive a small selection via email. To finish the complete selection I usually need 2 to 3 weeks. Would you like some pictures for the birth card? Just let me know! In that case you will receive some suitable pictures via email.

Do you want to be sure of beautiful pictures during the birth? Capture the first precious memories of your family? Than book your birth reportage now!

The complete Birthstory

  • Vrijblijvende kennismaking
  • Complete selectie bewerkte digitale foto's in
    in zwart-wit én kleur
  • Mini album 15 x 15
    met 6 spreads (10 tot 12 foto's)
  • Vanaf 5-6 cm ontsluiting tot
    2 uur na de geboorte
  • Back-up fotograaf

All the prices mentioned include the travel costs within a 15 kilometre radius around zip code 5632AC Eindhoven (outside this radius I count €0,35 per driven kilometer).