Newborn shoot

New-born photography: a precious memory

Congratulations on the birth of your baby/babies! How amazing! Your baby boy or baby girl is probably even more beautiful than expected. No big surprise with such a handsome dad and beautiful mommy right? Everything about a new-born is pure and tender; the hands and feet, the little nose and the soft hair… So adorable! I would like to capture all these things during a new-born shoot. These unique pictures give you a lasting memory to the first special weeks after the birth.

Experienced new-born photographer

Nobody is capable of telling a new born baby what he or she needs to do. You wish! But still it can be great to have professional pictures taken of your mini. As an experienced new-born photographer I know exactly what to do during a baby photoshoot. We cannot control everything, but we can try to create the most ideal situation. This way we create the perfect setting to photograph your handsome baby/babies.

Method Marieke Jager Photography

It is advised to contact me for an appointment while you are still pregnant. This way you will be sure of a photoshoot when your baby has arrived. Below I will explain in short what to expect.

Before the new-born shoot

As mentioned, I would like to have contact with you during the pregnancy. Once your baby is born we can make an appointment for the photoshoot. I will send you a nice book with some tips&trics beforehand, full of details that contribute to the best result possible. This way you can already prepare for your baby photoshoot.

During the new-born shoot

This photoshoot usually takes place at your home in the morning. Simply because your home is the safest and most familiar environment and mornings are usually the best moment in relation to feeding your baby and taking naps. Good preparations right before a new-born shoot are a baby that has been fed and bathed and a clean diaper. This will make your baby sleep like an angel and this results in a content, happy little face. Light colours, for clothing and accessories for example, are always the most appropriate for shoots like these.

Obviously you will always be present during the photoshoot. It is important that the baby feels at ease. Due to the time we take for the new-born photography there is always time during the shoot for a clean diaper, a hug, a bottle or a kiss!

After the new-born shoot

You will receive the pictures as soon as possible via WeTransfer. I will send these in high resolution within 3 weeks.

Would you like some pictures for the birth card? Let me know beforehand, so that I can take this into account!

Would you like to have some precious pictures of you little, new born baby? A lasting memory of how little and beautiful your baby was back then? Book a new-born photoshoot!

Pakket 1

  • 1,5 / 2 hours of taking pictures
  • Mogelijkheid tot verschillende samenstellingen
  • 15 pictures in high resolution
    • Mini album 15 x 15 for 12 pictures

Pakket 2

  • 1,5 /2 uur foto's maken
  • Mogelijkheid tot verschillende samenstellingen
    • The complete collection in high resolution
    • Luxe album 15 x 20 for 16 pictures

All the prices mentioned include the travel costs within a 15 kilometre radius around zip code 5632AC Eindhoven (outside this radius I count €0,25 per driven kilometre).