About Marieke

Blurred people, a finger covering the lens, movement when you are sure you were standing still, everyone in a picture except for you because someone had to take the picture.. Recognizable? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Everyone can take casual pictures, but good photography is a skill on its own. For this reason, I offer you my creativity and experience, my passion and my love for photography to get to those complete and high resolution photos!

Since I was a little girl, I had a passion for photography. Disposable camera’s were often used. I bought my first digital camera with the money I earned doing my paper rounds, which was my first real job. When I decided to continue in photography, after taking many detours, I wanted to do something different than usual…

And that makes that I photographed my first birth almost 2 years ago, to see if this was something that suited me, and to see if parents appreciated having a photographer around during such a moment. I was able to photograph 3 deliveries and experienced these to be so special that I decided this was what I wanted to do. After the first birth I just knew: I can and I want to be stand-by for this 24/7. For me it was obviously clear that parents really see it as a precious memory of the birth of their child.

My photos are characterized by my aim to find the right balance between light, composition and colour. With my attention to detail, I capture all the special moments. The wiggly toes of your little baby, the hand of your loved on your pregnant belly or the first glances when you give birth to your baby… I cherish these spontaneous moments because they result in the best images. Because when you stop paying attention to the camera and forget to pose, we will create the most beautiful pictures together!

What I love most about my job is being a pregnancy photographer, making birth reportages and doing new-born photoshoots. But besides my work related favourites, I also have some non-work related favourites. You can find them here below!

Now you already know a lot about me, but I am also very curious about you! And especially about your wishes and ideas for, or question about, a pregnancy photoshoot, birth photography or a baby shoot with your little one(s). So, let’s meet up some time?

Lots of love, Marieke

My favourites

The great outdoors

Even though I have lived in Eindhoven my entire life, I even was born here, I always had more of a connection with the outdoor life. Walking around a barn on your flipflops, growing your own vegetables and searching between your own chickens for eggs for breakfast. Add a laundry line with some freshly washed linen and a green lawn and the circle is round for me… You need to have something to dream about!


There are two things in life I will wake up for in the middle of the night. First, of course, a birth. Most babies like to make their entrance at night. Second, fresh pineapple. Not the canned one, but the real, fresh one, the one you need to peal for 5 minutes before you can take that first bite.


A good book, a big cup of thee and a comfy blanket. The perfect ingredients to recover from a birth of prepare for one. I won’t state I can read for hours and hours, but once in a while it works very relaxing.


Once in a while, I like to throw on some old clothes and start creating. I should make more time for this, but for some reason that hasn’t happened yet, even though fixing and touching up an old piece or furniture found in the thrift store completely to your own wishes is one of the most enjoyable things in the world. My last project? My current, very old, nightstand!


Sometimes even twice a week. Taking a bath is one of the things I will definitely make time for. Sometimes very consciously without having my phone with me, so I can think and contemplate about future decisions. Other times I will be writing or designing while taking a bath, simply because my office can be too distracting sometimes. But no matter what, my baths always include a good Rituals treat!