Farewell photography

Because saying goodbye does not exist…

Unfortunately, we all will have to face a time in which we have to say goodbye to our loved ones. There is so much that needs to be arranged for the funeral that follows. In this whole process, funeral photography is often not something that is thought about. But especially those pictures recall precious memories. It is not about photographing the funeral. It is about photographing love. Because that is what causes grief: the love for the one that has passed away.

Often the loss is very sudden and it makes the world and time stand still. There is so much going on. And especially to be able to look back on the goodbye in all peace and quietness, the presence of a photographer during the funeral is very special. You can focus on saying goodbye and afterwards you won’t have the feeling you missed out on something.

Since a funeral does not leave you with a lot of material memories, a photo reportage can be a comforting addition. Flowers and drawings fade and the day itself often goes by very fast. In those cases, pictures can nicely show the course of the goodbye, through a selection of general views and atmospheric details.

Method Marieke Jager Photography

In case you decide to choose a farewell photographer, I would gladly help you out. As an experienced photographer, I know at what I need to pay attention to. I will make sure the most important moments are captured, but I also look out for the small, special details. My goal with the funeral pictures is to make your loss a little more bearable.


Since time is an important factor and the days around a passing are often very busy for the family, the contact will take place over phone most of the time. If desired, this contact can also be arranged via the funeral director. In this contact you will be able to tell me your wishes and we can look at the possibilities together.


On the day of the goodbye I will be present on the location to make the farewell pictures. Often the hearse arrives here, while the family, friends and other guests are awaiting its arrival. When entering the hall, church or mortuary, I will take my place in the background the be as invisible as possible.

During the ceremony I will take pictures from different angles. I photograph the people who speak, the flowers, the coffin, and especially, the little details. When the service has ended, I will follow the procession to the grave, or in case of a cremation, the farewell will take place in the hall of the ceremony. The last pictures will be taken during the condolences.


You can expect he first preview of the farewell photography within 3 days after the ceremony. Secondly, I will select and edit the most beautiful farewell pictures with care. This will take me a maximum of 2 weeks.

Price Farewell reportage

  • Personal contact beforehand with family or funeral director

  • Documenting the ceremony from beginning to condolences.

  • End result including at least 75 pictures

  • Photos in high resolution

  • Photo album 20X30 with linen cover included.

All the prices mentioned include the travel costs within a 15 kilometre radius around zip code 5632AC Eindhoven (outside this radius I count €0,25 per driven kilometre).