Pregnancy photography

Pregnancy pictures to be jealous of

Wow, you’re pregnant! How do you feel? Hopefully not to sick, tired or nauseous.. Have you already felt some kicks? The idea that there is life growing in your belly, is obviously amazing on its own. For nine months you will watch your belly grow. Enjoy this to the fullest, because before you know it your baby will arrive! Time is flying and this period is so special, so it definitely can be worth it to get some pictures taken of your pregnant belly!

You will look back and think about your pregnancy a lot. You will probably remember how sick you were or how bad your cravings were, but will you remember what your belly looked like as well? What were you like as a pregnant woman? The image of your round belly will fade very soon. So how amazing must it be to have a few beautiful pregnancy pictures of you as a mommy-to-be? This way you are always able to look back on how good you looked pregnant. To be jealous of!

A pregnancy photoshoot for you and your family

Pregnancy photography is remarkably precious. It is a lasting memory to one of the most special periods of your life. Not only for the moms-to-be but also for the dads, brothers and/or sisters. Therefore I always involve the other family members during a pregnancy photoshoot. Because after all, being pregnant is not something you do alone.

Method Marieke Jager Photography

I will shortly explain what to expect from me as a pregnancy photographer and the photoshoot itself below.


Pictures of the pregnancy are best made in between week 31 and 35 of your pregnancy, depending on the size of your belly of course. If you wait too long, your belly will grow a little too big and a little too heavy. So make your appointment on time to make sure I will have a free spot for you in the good week!


We meet up at your home or at an outside location. During the shoot I will take multiple pictures of you and your belly of course. Because that is the most important factor in pregnancy photography. The shoot is adjusted to your wishes. In case you don’t want to have pictures of a naked belly, we won’t take them. No problem! It is important that you feel comfortable at all times. The contours of your belly are perfectly visible as well in a (tight) shirt, especially in your third trimester.

Shooting in a relaxed, natural and casual way is what I prefer most. Fathers, brothers and sister are always welcome as well, to get some variation in the end result. The pregnancy photoshoot usually takes around 45 minutes. Of course there will be time available for you to change outfits or give your makeup a touch-up. If you have any specific ideas about the setting or composition? I would happily discuss this before the shoot to discover the possibilities.


You can expect the first preview within 3 days after the pregnancy photoshoot. Secondly, I will select and edit the best pictures with care. This will take me a maximum of 2 weeks and afterwards you will receive the complete collection.

Do you want to have a permanent memory of your pregnant belly? Book a pregnancy photoshoot!

Pakket 1

  • Shootingtime is 45/60 minutes
  • Possibility of different compositions
  • 20 photos in high resolution
  • Album 20 x 20 with space for 10 photos
  • Album cover and content are a surprise

Pakket 2

  • Shootingtime is 45/60 minutes​
  • Possibility of different compositions
  • Complete set photos in high resolution
  • Luxury album 15x20 with space for 16 photos
  • Cover in linen, leather, suede or velvet
  • Choice of 80+ cover colors
  • Digital album for checking in advance

All the prices mentioned include the travel costs within a 15 kilometer radius around zip code 5632AC Eindhoven (outside this radius I count €0,35 per driven kilometre).

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